Content Creator


My name is Roger Altimira, graduated in Multimedia. My love of photography began when I was very young, when my father gave me his camera, until it became a hobby. I decided to bring together two of my passions, traveling and photography, to express the experiences I lived in different places. Then I realized what I wanted to do in my life was, transmit emotions  through images. Today, I can say that I have managed to make my hobby my profession. I work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker for different brands, always willing to expand my knowledge. I am an ambitious and innovative person.

My Skills

As a content creator, I can offer services to your brand or company in very different ways, but always in a unique and creative way.

  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Photo Postproduction
  • Video Postproduction
  • Drone Operator

I take care about details such as composition and light to give a professional result offering a photography  full service from the moodboard to the final result.


From pre-production to post-production I take care of all the necessary details to achieve a professional audiovisual, standing out for good planning and an attractive result.

Photo Postproduction

I love to edit picture, I can spend lots of hours to achieve the exact look i want on the picture with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Video Postproduction

Nothing it’s more important in a video than an edit that captivates your attention, a good sound design and a propper color correction to achieve the look you need always running the workflow between Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve

Drone operator

As a RPA’s certified pilot, i can operate drones for all audiovisual purposes.

My Experience

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Cinematographer, camera operator & drone operator.

2021 – 🚀

Paper Boat Studio

Creative director

CEO and Cinematographer

2021 – 🚀

Kunde Brand

Content creator

Creating all the media for the Social Networks and Website.

2020 – 2021

Led Dream

Video Editor

Editing all types of video to display in LED Screens.


Awards & Education

Film Award

Museum der moderne

3rd price in the Category Future at the Film Forum Austria. Check it here.


Exchange University

Multimedia Art – Film

FH Salzburg – Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


Home University


CITM – Centre de la Imatge i Tecnologia Multimedia